Assignment 24253

Filename: Lab5_Plan_YourLastName.docx/vsdx Remember Plan First, Then Code. That is, you may use any technique for planning that you like as long as you do so, and prove to me in this file that you did so.
Code 8 points: Zip file of entire solution Folder including planning file.
For Max Points Possible, be sure to validate user input as per the techniques discussed in class, or as per another manner. A Loop for multiple testing would be a nice touch as well.1. Create a Folder on your saving location called “ Lab5_YourLastName”
2. In your Lab5_YourLastName folder, create a C Program called Lab5_YourFirstName_YourLastName.cpp
3. Write a console application for the following.
Scenario: Create a C Program to accept input from the user between the values of 0 to 100 (grades can exceed 100). Output to the user, using “IF” and/or ELSE statements what the entered value calculates to on a Letter grade level.
That is, if the number 95.5 is entered, then you will out that this is “An A”. Be careful about data types. Should a grade be an int or a double?
Professor McMillan, will of course try several values in an attempt to break your implemented code. Think of ways to prevent such items from crashing your program.
4. Add a Multiple line C comment to the top of the program with your first name, last name, course name section, Name of Text Editor/Software used to create the program, and the a summary of what the program does.
5. Label the Input, Process, and Output sections of the program with C Comments.
6. Add appropriate C Comments to explain the logic behind your chosen method for solving the problem. Comments are also helpful for the reference of future programmers, and for you.
7. Trace/Test/Run the program using the following data: 92, 61.5, 75.2, 0, 105, -5, 54.5, L, apple, green tea.
8. Save, build and execute your program.
9. Using zip software, Zip the Entire Lab5_YourLastName folder naming the resulting file