Assignment 24284

The company is General Electric, All of the information can be found here >…
InstructionsOverviewReview the instructions for the SEC 10-K project. This week’s report focuses on the Balance Sheet.
Review the discussion board in week two on the Balance Sheet.
Write a brief report of at least one-page. Consider using bullet points.
This report will assist you in the final SEC 10-K project deliverables.
Submit it as a Word document.
RequirementsThe report should include the following:
Sections or line items of the Balance Sheet including but not limited to:Fiscal Year End Date for the two years presented
Definition of Fiscal Year if not last day of month (i.e. December 31)
Working Capital with an explanation of changes from the prior year
Identify new line items or items that do not appear in the most recent year
Refer to Statement of Shareholders’ Equity to describe major changes (i.e. Retained Earnings became Accumulated Deficit)