Assignment 24300

They are not very large countries but we will learn in this Unit that they each have a culture and diversity that make them unique.
Your project, for this unit, is to create a travel presentation for one of the countries listed above. You will need to include such information as:
their current system of government
current president
monetary unit
capital city
sources of revenue
3 major cities
daily life and food
At this time, choose a country to research and create a MLA annotated bibliography on resources that you will use. One resource must be in Spanish. Each entry should include a summary, an assessment, and a reflection. Here is an example:Annotated Bibliography. 2009.
Purdue OWL. “MLA Formatting and Style Guide.” The Online Writing Lab at Purdue. 10 May 2008. Purdue University Writing Lab. 12 May 2008 .This website serves as a reference on how to write annotated bibliographies. There are 3 important parts to a annotated bibliography, the summary, assessment, and reflection. This site is a very factual, informative, unbiased source. I believe this site will be a very useful tool in writing an annotated bibliography.…