Assignment 25367

What’s the difference between horizontal and vertical partitioning?
Besides performance what other use(s) does horizontal partitioning have?
How many clustered indexes can a table have, and what purpose does a clustered index serve?
What is selectivity, how is it used in determining whether or not to create an index on a table?
Do other data warehouse vendors offer partitioning? Using the vendor list from week one e.g. SAP Hana, Oracle Exadata, Microsoft SQL Server, Teradata, and Greenplum. Compare partitioning between the major data warehouse vendors and if applicable provide a snippet of the code
Answer the following questions, providing the necessary images and screen shots to support your work.
On one of the Fact tables create earlier this semester, create a secondary index, and explain why you chose that particular attribute.
Research the Internet to execute an explain plan on a query. Provide Screen shots, and explain output from the explain plan.
Describe the similarities and differences between horizontal and vertical partitioning.
Collect statistics on the two Fact Tables create for the semester project. Provide screen shots and output in your document.
Note: APA format and No plagiarism.