Assignment 25385

That is what I picked.Using your outline and references and responding to my critiques of those previous assignments, write a rough draft of your paper. I recommend outlining a structure that relates the content of your research on the movement you have chosen to study to a theoretical understanding of collective behavior and social movements we have studied in class through readings and examples. Utilize a definition and ideas about social movements (from Locher, Blumer, Smelser, Turner and Killian, Edwards, Della Porta, Castells, etc.) to reflect on the specific movement you are studying and tie that to a narrative of (story about) the movement. Develop (or rephrase) your thesis question to reflect particular characteristics of the movement you are interested in and then tie it to the theoretical concepts (e.g. relative deprivation, structural strain, mass society, resource mobilization, framing, identity protection, etc.) that help to illuminate the principles and meaning of the movement in a larger social context. Discuss how specific institutions are affected by the social movement in question and what the outcome was/may be. You should refer to AT LEAST 5 (five) unique research sources in your paper.The paper must conform to the following stylistic guidelines:At least 1500 words (approximately 5-7 pages), typed, 1” margins, double-spaced, 10-12 point standard font and using APA-style format. Include a title page and abstract in APA format (include running header). Include a References page as the last page of the paper. Any charts, tables, formulas, or illustrations should appear in an Appendix section before the references page and referred to in the text by number (e.g. “see Appendix 1, Appenmdix 2, etc.”). Use this “sample paper” as a guideline for style.