Assignment 25415

– I uploaded the templates and informations ” samples ” that might help you for this project as well
– Be Aware this project is about 15 or more pages “250” words each
– I Only Need well organized Report so please Read ” Deliverables of the Team Project – Report Deliverables ” from part 1 to part 6 carefully
Then going through,
3.Project Specifications
4.Data Center Architecture
5.Data Center Diagram
6.Information Technology Department / a.Information Technology Department Organization Chart / b.FinanceDepartmentOrganizationChart / c.Operations Department Organization Chart / d.InformationDepartmentOrganizationChart
7.Security Concerns/Requirements
8.Recent Threats Faced by the Company
Then only left is designing ” for example project team leader > team leader > team members. something like that it’s a hierarchy.
For the designing the flow charts, Network Diagrams, use ” Visio software”
Use Microsoft Office ” word document ” to do this project please.
i’ve got a 3 videos uploaded here via google account link so please try at least to catch the format of the whole project that my friend took in class while our instructor was talking ^.^
link Video 1: Video Incident Response 1
link Video 2: Video Incident Response 2
link Video 3: Video Incident Response 3
Note: I know it’s hard to see but at least you can see the format of the project how it’s looks like.
This project is fully Report wth designs and charts along with network diagrams.
I’m Here to provide you more with informations, use the videos to know the full idea of the project after reading the project itself.
Note: Do NOT create a software or powerpoint, i only need Word Document 15 to 20 or more pages that has all these mentioned above in it as it needed to be done in the project along with charts and designs, network diagrams.
Thank You Very Much