Assignment 25426

Required: One visual must be a scatterplot with
trend line, equation and R square value (the regression may require you
to combine independent variables to compare to the dependent variable
time) and one pie chart that includes the three independent and
dependent variable combinations with percentages.
Optional: Histograms, box and whisker plots, or frequency tables.
Note: Depending on your topic and question you may want to use your data to calculate probabilities.
Create a Word document that includes your three visuals and the following items:

Title of your project and the question(s) you are addressing.

Brief description of each visual.

Show visuals, including at least one graph that is
an xy scatterplot with trend line, equation, and R square value and one
pie chart. Make sure the data satisfies the following criteria:

The inputs and outputs are
quantitative data that consist of an independent and dependent variable.
Ideal data for this graph would consist of inputs that are years and
outputs that consist of values associated with particular years.

The data should have central relevance to your topic. Make sure the data supports your overall conclusion.

Make sure your visuals have:

A title (consider the W’s – who, what, where, why and when).

A legend (if applicable)

For your xy scatterplot, make at least one prediction using
the trend line equationfor some date into the future. Show your
calculations to the group. How confident are you in this prediction?
State your prediction and provide justification.

If applicable, calculate the mean and standard
deviation of the sample data. Show the calculations to the group. Show
the distribution of the numbers in a histogram. Describe the shape of
the plot and the spread of the numbers.

If applicable, calculate probabilities based on your data. How do these probabilities support your argument?

If applicable, create a box and whisker plot. Describe the central tendency of the values. What does this tell you about the data? About your project?