Assignment 25436

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The goal is for collective gain !
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TOPIC #1: Comparing Health Systems.
In the readings, there are many documents that present the quality of healthcare in other countries and quality in comparison to outcomes from the US healthcare system.Peruse one (or more) of those sites again, and prepare a 1-2 paragraph post on TWO countries with higher-level health care.
Explain funding highlights on these health care plans, the advantages, disadvantages, rationale for their successes.
Plan for about 2 paragraphs; about 3-5 sentences for each.

Review this quick PPT offered under “Readings” – Political Activism PPT show
Explore ANA member services and DISCUSS Political Activism. Start by locating a professional organization of interest on Web. Describe the information provided by the organization on political involvement. Investigate the current political initiatives and the activities of the organization, and address the following questions.What information is provided on political efficacy?
What are the current political initiatives of the organization?
What activities are underway or encouraged to address these political initiatives?
What additional links and tips are provided?
Do YOU belong to a nursing organization? Would you? Why or why not ?
Plan for about 2 paragraphs; about 3-5 sentences for each.

Go to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) and access the following web site:
Delve into this report; examine some of these key issu
Then, look at Chapter 10 of the report (left index column or at this link):
Generally, describe some of the major issues that this report is raisingWho are the populations that appear to be the most vulnerable
What is your sense of reaction related to the BSN nurse role ? Or, to your future role ?!
Plan for about 2 paragraphs; about 3-5 sentences for each