Assignment 25459

For your assigned topic, provide step by step directions as if you were showing a fellow classmate how to complete the assignment. The initial post should include the answers to the questions as well as the step by step directions. You may choose the method for creating the directions including but not limited to audio visual, visual, etc. You may choose to work with other members of your group on this post IF you contact the instructor by Day 1 of the week. If you choose to collaborate in a group of two, include in your initial post, the team process, how it was decided who would do what and how you reached consensus on the posting. Both students need to post in the discussion.

Topic 5:
One Sample T-Test
Test the hypothesis that the sample mean LOS for MS-DRG 291 is different from the national standard. Obtain the national Medicare LOS from HCUP.
Be sure to state the null and alternative hypotheses and set the alpha prior to performing the test.