Assignment 25465

I would like you to use the four previous chapters to help you achieve this goal and identify strengths and limitations you may face.
First, using what you now know about thinking and intelligence, how can you improve your GPA next semester? What will help you? Ground your answer in what you have learned in Chapter 7.
Second, using what you now know about human development and your current age, what strengths do you bring to this goal of increasing your GPA? What struggles might you face? This response should be rooted in ideas about development from Chapter 8.
In your next paragraph discuss how intrinsic and extrinsic motivation might be a factor in your attempts to increase your GPA. Again ground your answers in what you learned in Chapter 9.
Finally, consider social cognitive theory from Chapter 10. Explain this theory in detail by relating it to your goal of increasing your GPA. Be sure to explain what other factors might be involved and how they might influence and relate to each other.
Be sure to explain all parts of the answer in full and make the linkages between what your analysis and the content of the chapters very clear. You will be graded on content, argument, grammar, etc. Also be sure to include citation as indicated above.