Assignment 25470

Ticket sales are down, and the Board of Directors for NEAR is on your case to increase ticket sales and get butts in seats! At the next board meeting, you have to present a new marketing plan/strategy for A-State Theatre.

You must create a digital presentation (using Keynote, PowerPoint, Prezi, Haiku Deck, or any other presentation program/app – be sure to save it as a PDF) that lays out your marketing strategy. You must include THREE specific ideas:

A strategy utilizing social media (something specific; not just “advertise on twitter”; choose/invent a specific marketing strategy—a special offer, contest, etc.)
A strategy that gets the involvement of a local group/ organization/ business
A strategy that involves a party, talkback, or other type of event that takes place in the theatre space either directly before or after a performance.

Upload your presentation as an attachment here in Blackboard; do not email it to me!
Additional guidelines:

Your presentation should have an introduction and a conclusion.
Include specific references to A-State Theatre and the Jonesboro/NEA community; how can you market to that specific audience? Think about that when you are planning your 3 events. What type of group might be interested in being involved with the shows?
Consider the issues raised in Chapter 12, the future of theatre. How do the concerns about the increase of digital and virtual communication, fewer theatre-goers, decreased budgets, etc. impact your marketing strategy?

Grading Categories:
Social Media strategy
Local Group strategy
Event strategy
and I will post the PowerPoint to see the mention chapter 12
The main question is: you have been asked to market to your own demographic = college students! So, what can this fictional theatre do to attract more college students and get them to purchase tickets to their theatre?What you are to do is create a marketing plan SPECIFICALLY reaching out to this target audience and create a PowerPoint (or presenation) that answers in three parts (one social media idea, one event idea, and one partnership with a company/organization/group) that will allow this theatre to get the attention of that demographic (college students).
Think in terms of what is interesting to you! (If it is not going to grab your attention, then use your imagination to create something that will!) In addition, I may have confused some people: there is not an additional paper. I want you to create the visual for a presentation – BUT remember I will not be with you, I am looking at this on my own – so you may need to provide some notes in the notes section of PowerPoint or attach a short outline or explanation, if you feel anything is unclear or not explained in your visual guide. As I look at the PowerPoint Presentation, just make sure it is clear enough that I am not walking away with a bunch of questions.
**Finally, I want you to tell me WHY you are making these choices, and WHAT RESULTS you are expecting or hoping for. (THIS IS YOUR CONCLUSION.)**