Assignment 25475

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First 1. For several years, we have seen an increase in party polarization in Congress, which has left American’s feeling frustrated and angry. The growing split between the two parties has widened under President Obama’s administration. He has battled the Republican party as they have notoriously opposed just about every policy issue he and the Democratic party supported. This past election, the Republican party took control of both chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. With the Republicans in control of both chambers of Congress and a democrat executive administration, we have a divided government. What does this mean for our country and what could it mean for the last year and a half of President Obama’s administration. Please provide examples to support your argument.
Lastly, explain how the constant opposition between the two parties has affected our country in regards to policy, the economy, and trust in our government?
Make sure that you answer each question and provide examples. In addition to your original response, you are required to respond to at least one classmates.
2nd Recently, we have seen President Obama take significant action on issues such as immigration, gun control, and the Iran nuclear deal. Many of these actions have been without congressional support. President Obama has been criticized for abusing his constitutional powers to issue executive orders and agreements, while others maintain he is well within his powers to do so. Consider the nature of President Obama’s administration and previous administrations and answer the following questions:
Are the responsibilities of the most powerful leader in the world, the American president, too large a job for one person? Why has the American presidency grown so large? Are there any powers you think should be taken away from the president?
Be thorough in your response and provide specific examples when possible. In addition to your original post, you must respond to at least one of your classmates.
3rd This week the discussion is a little different. I really want you to develop a good understanding of the various agencies in our government, so this week’s discussion is going to require a little research. Since we are doing a little extra work for this discussion you will not be required to respond to two other posts, you will only need to reply to one. In order to receive full credit for this week’s post, your discussion must fully detail the agency you selected and address each part of the question. In addition, you cannot reply to a student who explained the same agency as you. I am looking for a complete discussion and not just a few simple sentences. For this discussion, you are to select a federal agency that interests you and research it on the Internet. NOT Wikipedia! For your discussion, post what you learned about the agency. Is it larger and more complex than you had thought? What is its mission? What congressional committee oversees its actions? What powers does it have? Identify two or three major actions taken by the agency within the last six months. Provide any information that you found to be interesting or informative. Be as informative as possible, be specific and be thorough
4th Part One
Consider the following questions and provide a response that summarizes your political views and voting behavior. You need to provide your actual views if you do not want to, I am looking for a general discussion on why you think/feel/believe the way that you do and why you think your views/beliefs are important. *** You DO NOT have to disclose your party affiliation or that of your parents/family.
What is the first political event you can remember? Do you know the party identification of your parents? Did your family encourage political discussion at home? How did their opinions and attitudes about politics affect your own political opinions? Did your religion or other people influence your opinions about politics?
Part TwoAs we have just ended a very long presidential election, the media was heavily involved in expressing support for the candidates. Considering the media coverage that you have seen highlighting the candidates from both parties answer the following questions:
Does political advertising and media coverage manipulate public opinion about issues and candidates? If political attitudes are the result of manipulation, does this make a mockery of free elections? If citizens’ preferences are not freely chosen, what does this mean for democracy? How is this any different from advertising a consumer product?