Assignment 25484

Guidelines For Helpful Feedback
(you absolutely don’t have to answer all of these questions..
Remember that the feedback should go beyond “editing” for grammar to address the organization and development of ideas in the draft.
1. Does my introduction provide detailed context for the topic and an overview of the text? What can I do to improve my introduction?
2. Does my thesis interpret the author/director’s point about a theme/key concept in the text and make a connection to the significance of that point today? Does my thesis have clear WHAT/HOW/WHY parts? How should I revise my thesis?
Repeat for each subclaim as you go.
3. Do I include a subclaim that makes a specific, author/director-focused argument? Does that claim articulate the author/director’s point regarding a specific scene, strategy or sub-theme from the text?
4. Do I introduce my evidence? Is it clear what my evidence is about and how it connects to my subclaim? Note that secondary texts, like academic essays about fight club or articles about your topic, need thorough introductions. Be sure to ask whether your integration of outside texts is clear and connected to a claim that you’re making.
5. Do I closely analyze the details from my evidence, using author-focused language? Do I incorporate key concepts in my analysis?
6. Do I wrap up my evidence and analysis for this subclaim with discussion about the significance to my main argument? What can I do to improve the paragraph(s) devoted to this subclaim overall?
Repeat these BODY PARAGRAPH questions for each body paragraph, time permitting.
7. What is this paper’s greatest strength? What is its most significant weakness, and how would you suggest I revise to correct that problem?