Assignment 25504

Our gratitude learning has lead us into a new focus on kindness. Do you think kindness and gratitude are related? How?
Please watch the video and then answer the comprehension questions below. You can type them into this assignment.

1. What dream did the speaker have in her heart since childhood?
2. What video did she create that “went viral?” What was is about?
3. What is one reason that the speaker decided to teach middle school?
4. What does she mean by kindness has a “ripple effect,” or that it is “infectious?”
5. How did you feel when she told the story about the homeless man?
6. What was the purpose of the cards she made?
7. What mobile app is she working on?
8. What did she say is so cool and so amazing about kindness? (9:36)
8. What surprised you about Orly or about her mission?
9. She said “Even dreams need to be put into action.” What do you think she meant by this? (.46)