Assignment 25554

You have broad discretion in selecting a research topic within government and politics. You are encouraged to choose/develop one that relates to your interests. Note that the research paper assignment is 20 % of your grade. Without completing this assignment, the best possible grade may be a C or less. This is not a writing or a speech class but completing a basic research assignment and sharing the information is customary in higher education and part of the class. Referring to the MLA manual for writers of research papers or a similar style manual is recommended.

Basic Guidelines/Suggestions/Criterion for papers…
20 Presentation – Pass or Fail – Share your research and findings with the rest of the class.
(No Paper, No Presentation).
20 Identify/state/describe/introduce a Problem in American Politics
Interested/affected parties, why and how ? Environment/setting/structure ?
Why is a political, legislative, executive and/or judicial remedy needed ?
20 Sources – Bibliography – Works Cited ~ 5 Sources (Primary and Published/Reviewed)
MLA or similar format – style manual
40 Your Original Work – Content, Critical Thought/Research – Analyze, Evaluate and Interpret… Develop your concepts from the sources. Avoid advocacy or promotion – analyze… What does it mean ? Can you understand and manage different views and facilitate others’ understanding and consideration of a problem ?