Assignment 25565

Describe rational for the choice of product/service.
Make it very clear what product or service you are selling and who your customer (B2B?) will be.
around two pages, double spaces.
my topic is about hover board. and it is a group project, my part just need to do the introduction.
There are some requirement about the whole paper:
1. Follow the steps below:
ï‚·Research the chosen country.
Choose an appropriate product/service to introduce into the country (newer items only or new to int’l business companies, if you are from Georgia you can’t sell Coke).
ï‚·Research a service or product line of a native Alabama (or the state you call home) company (not foreign-owned), your choice; if you are a foreign-born student, you will sell a product /service from your home country (not foreign-owned) to sell in the assigned country.
ï‚·Do further research on the country focusing on the information relevant to the product/service.
ï‚·Write the paper following the outline below in #4.
2. You had better use some sources. Newspaper articles (Wall Street Journal) and popular business publications (Business Week, Fortune) are some of the best sources because they are current. Changes occur rapidly in the international environment for business, so only sources that have been published in the last 5 years are reliable (sometimes the very latest [this semester] sources are most important). Use the following many times, (Hill, 2013, p. xx). Cite all sources and arrange headings according to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th Edition (APA style).