Assignment 25583

Since its inception, Six Sigma has become a standard for continuous improvement and quality enhancement efforts. Tenets of the DMAIC methodology include:
Define – Characterize the problem, including scope and stakeholders.Measure – Establish process flows and performance levels.Analyze – Investigate for root cause and key variables involved in product variation.Improve – Determine the most appropriate actions to reduce defect opportunities and implement them.Control – Establish process control and continuous measurement to ensure problem has been corrected.For this activity, consider the Six Sigma DMAIC model in responding to the following:
If you applied statistical measures to production data, which part of the DMAIC model would you be using?
Could you skip any of the DMAIC processes in solving production problems or reducing defects? Which one of these processes could be bypassed and why? What effect would this change in the DMAIC process have on production problems or reducing defects?
A minimum of one reference is required.