Assignment 25591

Stooges Enterprises is a manufacturer of wooden mallets and is performing a large contract. Stooges Enterprises is experiencing quality problems and needs your assistance. The study will help you to analyze quality performance and provide you the opportunity to use considerable artistic license in solving Stooges’ problems.
Read through the Stooges Case Information (attached)
Review the Stooges Raw Data (attached)
After reading the case information, analyze and interpret the data provided. Establish a state of statistical control, and evaluate the capability of the process to meet specifications. Consider the following questions:
1. What do the initial control charts tell you? 2. If the process is not in control, what may be the likely causes? 3. What corrective action could you take based upon the information provided? 4. What is the process capability? 5. Is Stooges facing a serious problem that needs to be addressed? 6. If 10,000 mallets are selected at random, how many are expected to not meet customer specifications?Your submission for this case analysis should be at least 3 pages in length (excluding the title and references pages). Be sure to use appropriate line spaces between each question, so that your work is organized and easy to follow. Your assignment should follow APA guidelines by including a title page, be in Times New Roman, 12-point font and double spaced. Be sure to use APA-style citation when citing sources to support your claims.