Assignment 25592

You will be using the Individualized Service Plan Template as the basis for this week’s Assignment.
You should review the video of Tammy’s Story and Bo’s Supplemental Information. You should also review the work you did in the Unit 2 Discussion Board Ecological Assessment, and in the Unit 6 Assignment. In your work with Bo in Unit 2, you applied the three levels of the ecological model to assess his overall situation and how his environment affects his emotional and physical health. Then, in Unit 6, you utilized this information to complete a comprehensive assessment. Now you and Bo will move into the exciting and empowering phase of creating an Individualized Service Plan.
Complete an Individualized Service Plan for Bo based on what you observed in the video and the work you did in the previous units.
Complete the general background information in the top section of the ISP Template. Be sure to include Tammy in the “Developed with” section because he is a minor. Also, make sure to include accurate DSM diagnosis information from the work you did in your Unit 6 assessment.
Be sure to use the client’s own words (what you imagine he would say) when you write the overall statement of “How I see myself and what my life will be like when I have accomplished my goals.”
You must rate every category as strength or need.
Choose at least five of the categories to write specific goal statements. Most agencies will require that a goal and objectives (action steps) be established for every area that is assessed as a need, but for the purposes of this Assignment, you may disregard this and choose categories you feel are the highest priority to address at this time. When you write the goal statements, remember you will be doing this together with Bo. These should be his goals. When you write goals with a client they will be written in third person, for example, “Bo will… Also keep in mind that a good goal is S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound).
Develop at least one specific objective (action step) with target date for each of the goal areas you and Bo created in step 4. These action steps should include what the specific action is, who is responsible for completing it, and if any other resources are required to complete it. When you write action steps with a client they will be written in third person, for example, “Bo will…” Chapter 25 will help you to develop appropriate objectives. Keep in mind that goals typically have more than one action step, but for the purposes of this Assignment, you need to develop at least one action step per goal.
Sign and date the form appropriately by typing your name, Bo’s name (his first name is fine) and Tammy’s name, since Bo is a minor, and the date completed at the end of the ISP.
Note: If this were a real plan with a real client, you would provide them with their own copy and update their electronic medical record to document the plan you have completed together. Instead, you will submit your completed plan to the Unit 7 Assignment Dropbox. Congratulations! You are now moving into the action and monitoring phase of case management!