Assignment 25596

12)  If
you had been the CEO of AA what would you have done to support the VP of
Seattle Operations in his role of fixing Seattle?

13)  How
might the senior leadership team have reduced the potential risks of failure
while moving through this state?

14)  What
strategies would you have deployed to develop employees’ greater sense of
ownership in AA’s success?

15)  How
can leaders keep employees from sliding backward while also developing their
sense of ownership in the new way of operating?

16)  What
would you do to focus on enhancing the trust among groups that were lagging in
terms of coming on board with the change process?

17)  What
mechanisms can a leader use to sustain momentum? What can a leader do to
convince employees that the change will work?

18)  What
should AA do to monitor and manage to ensure the sustainability of the

19)  How
should AA change its selection, assessment and development systems in terms of
identifying and developing leaders?

20)  If
you were to calculate AA’s return on investment for the change process, what
would you choose for the key inputs, mechanisms and outcomes?