Assignment 25605

The purpose of this Assignment is for you to demonstrate a graduate level understanding of the identification and application of the Value Chain to the management of your life.
2. Write your paper using first person perspective.
3. Write a 2–3 page essay paper making a compelling argument on how the application of the value chain in the management of your life can create and increase your value as a person, student, co-worker, team member, manager, parent, spouse, etc. • When writing your paper, use the popularly held concept that your personal life is the most important business you will ever manage. Using that concept as a starting point, this Assignment is an opportunity for you to relate what you learned about the value chain to your own life. • Examine the elements and origins of the various aspects of your personal value chain. These could include upbringing, education, professional activities, and professional, educational and charitable networking, etc. • Determine and comment how the inclusion and application of the various elements can improve your life quality, competitive position, advantage, and success in living and in your career. 4. No references are required for this Unit 6 Assignment, but if you do use source material, apply no more than one APA formatted reference and citation per paragraph and use APA in-text citation within the response and list the applied reference(s) at the end of the response using APA formatting.
This is a very laid back paper. No reference are required. Just a summary of my life to use as a reference I am employed at Wells Fargo as a research analyst. I have been there for 3 and half years and my ultimate goal is to own my very own homeless shelter that house homeless, battered and veterans that are in need. If you can somehow use this information it would be great. I will also include the template that was provide for the guidelines. If you have any questions feel free to contact directly.
Thanks for all you do!