Assignment 25633

Will be given a DEM file.
1. Hillshade Map
2. Contour Map
Hillshade map1. open ArcGIS and drag your DEM to the ArcGIS
2. Search “Hillshade ” (the search panel is on the right )
3. Choose and open Hillshade (3D analyst)
4. chose your DEM in Input raster
5. z factor use 0.00001171 and leave other as default
Here is why…
Hillshade mapScreen ClippingHillshade map6. wait until it finish
7. (optional ) on left side, put your DEM on the hillshade
8. (optional )double click your DEM on the left (Layer panel), choose Display, change your Transparency to 50% and double click the color bar of your DEM on left (Layer panel), choose a color combination your like.
9. Now you have a hillshade map
Contour map1. Search “Contour List ” in your search panel
2. Choose and open Contour (3D analyst)
3. Choose your DEM at Input Raster
4. Choose a reasonable contour interval for Contour Interval*
(e.g. 10 , 20, 50) and click plus sign. *the unit here is meter
ContourScreen ClippingContour map5. click OK and wait until it finished
6. double click the contour layer and change the color and style
7. Double click the name of your contour layer, choose Labels
Mark Label features in this layer, choose Contour in your Label Field, and now you have your contour map with label