Assignment 25637

1- I want only link for the case it must have a Citation court number, the case goes through trail process in court and the judgment has been declared ( finished trail) Outline example (the offense and offender – the defence – guilty or not as court opinion and why – based on what )
2- Cases must look like Example this case down in the link in term of format.
3- Cases must be in Maryland (Baltimore) the USA. Also, it must be the new years 2014, 2015 or 2016 no older than these days
4- Cases must be Not about Sexual issues or anything related to it. Also not related to religion
5- Cases must be among the students in school. (Staff and teacher aren’t included) only student
Example case:…
( this example has been approved by professor, but the only problem it is not in Maryland State)

I need only one, but you can provide more the one link so I can ask the professor to approve any of them. otherwise, I will keep asking for more until the professor agree

Notice: I have to do a presentation about the approved case. if you interested let me know so I can invite you only.