Assignment 25673

17 PDF, in the Ethics in Practice Case “Should I Say Something?” You should recognize that your answers to these discussion questions should be well reasoned and supported with evidence. Make certain that you use chapter material and theory as the basis for your answers. No outside material. All work must be original as this will be submitted through Turnitin. No plagiarism.
1. Rank the various changes that are occurring in the workplace in terms of their importance to the
growth of the employee rights movement. Briefly explain your ranking.
2. Explain the employment-at-will doctrine, and describe how it is being eroded. Do you think its
existence is leading to a healthy or an unhealthy employment environment in the United States?
Justify your reasoning.
3. In your own words, explain the right to due process. What are some of the major ways management
is attempting to ensure due process in the workplace?
4. If you could choose only one, which form of alternative dispute resolution would be your choice as
the most effective approach to employee due process? Explain.
5. How do you feel about whistle blowing now that you have read about it? Are you now more
sympathetic or less sympathetic to whistle-blowers? Explain.
6. What is your assessment of the value of the False Claims Act? What is your assessment of the value
of the whistle-blower protections under the Sarbanes–Oxley Act?