Assignment 25709

This means that after the bibliographic entry, you will need to write a short paragraph (about 2–5 sentences) that summarizes the story for you.
You should then find at least one other source about the Jared Remy case that you can add to the annotated bibliography. The article should shed new light on the case in some way. In other words, it should not simply provide the same information that the timeline already provides to you, having been written by a different author. Add a citation to the annotated bibliography in complete APA reference list format, followed by your short annotation for this article. Then submit the first part of your annotated bibliography.
Find a different reference in regards to the Jared Remy Case that will shed new light on the case.
1 page essay is required in APA Format.
1 source is required other than the following:
Moskowitz, E. Globe Staff. (March,
23, 2014). Timeline: Jared Remy’s troubled past. The Boston Globe. BOSTON GLOBE