Assignment 25716

The day before I was audited by TSA and everything went smooth. My big boss like to be notified when one of his supervisor gets audited. At the end of my shift, I sent him an email with all the information. The next day went I went to his office it was because my immediate supervisor went to him asking why I didnt inform him of the audit. At no point he has never said that he wanted to be inform of the audits. I explain that to my big boss and told him that we are all adults and if at some point he wanted to be informed and professionals and adults all he needed to do was let me know.
I think the event I would have to write about would be the time I foun do was pregnant and when I gave labor. I can remember it like it was yesterday I was at Meps getting ready to enlist in the army. The nurse came back and said Ms.Johnson I have good news and bad ne for you. The good news would be that you’re going to be a mother the bad news is that you’re not going to be able to go through the process just yet. At the tome the nurse was the only person in the room her and I both cried tears of joy. Fast forward nine months del time. February 13,2010 at 1:12pm my whole world change when I held my baby boy and looked into his grey eyes