Assignment 25799

NOTE: This lab is actually 2 separate programs.
This will extends the previous lab to allow the user to display the resulting story with several potential “dynamic” modifications to their input.
First, Create a file called story_template.txt which contains the strings (and placeholders) for you story template (as created in the previous lab).
Program 1: ( a Python program which reads in a set of words from the user (as before), but this time writes them to a called: story_dictionary.txt
NOTE: This is essentially the exact same thing as in the previous lab, but only writing the data out to a file.

Program 2: ( program should read a “story template” and “word dictionary” from input files and write the output to the screen.
The filenames and “input conversion type” (see below) should be read from the “command line” when the program is launched.
For example: 1 story_template.txt input_words.txt
If the user launched the program without the correct parameters, a usage message should be shown (such as):USAGE: CONVERSION: 1 for UPPER CASE, 2 for LOWERCASE, etc…

Conversion Types (of just your input words, not the whole story):
All lower case
All Capitalized Case
As entered (i.e., no changes)

For more information on strings:See
And specifically for manipulations you can perform on strings.

For more information on files:
Reading one line at a time:

Example input files:
Story file:
I have a dog named {PETNAME} who barks a lot and loves to {ACTIVITY} every day.
Words dictionary:

check the frist and see if its match the same lab or not