Assignment 29569

The owners of ABC Restaurant have agreed to a survey. Your task is to design one for existing customers using Survey Monkey. Existing customers are people those who have spent money at the business in the past six months.
Use the following resources to complete your assignment:
Create an Online Survey Report Template to record your work – Attached
Types of survey questions –…
For existing customers, you want to understand the following (no more than 10 questions, and no more than 2 demographic questions):
How often they have frequented the business in the past six months
How they rank their overall experience
If they would refer others to the restaurant
Their level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the food, service, decor/cleanliness, etc.
Demographics, psychographics, and behavioral factors such as how they typically identify the need to dine out and what their selection process and criteria is for dining out
Awareness of the restaurant
Perception of the restaurant
How often they dine out
Where they go when they dine out
Their level of satisfaction with the competition
Why they select the competition
The URL to the survey will be included in the Creating an Online Survey Report [Word Doc] that addresses
What your goal is for the research
How you will attain that goal based on the questions asked
How Your Work Will Be Evaluated
The survey will be evaluated based on the following:
Clarity—Are the questions clear and easy to understand?
Relevance—Are the questions focused on gathering information related to your goal for the survey?
Format/Style—Are the question types appropriate for the questions being asked (multiple choice, open-ended, etc.)?
Progression—Does the survey have a logical flow from start to finish? Is there a connection between the questions or do the questions seem to randomly jump from topic to topic?
Rationale and Citations— Clearly communicates the rationale for selecting data to analyze and cites more than two relevant sources to support the recommendations
Format— Submission is free of errors related to citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, and organization, and is presented in a professional and easy-to-read format.