Assignment 29602

In the FIRST part of this assignment, you will use the Project Scope Document template (linked below). In the SECOND part of this assignment, you will use Tab 2 of the Project Schedule Template (also linked below). Tab 2 will provide you with the unexpected events information needed to complete your analysis.
Part I
Develop the project scope document (no more than 3 pages long) to include the following information:
Project Description
Project Assumptions
Project goals
Project constraints (if any)
Project limitations
Project milestones
Project risks (initial assessment)
Please use the template linked below to develop your project scope document.
Project Scope Document Template
The Project Scope needs to be developed prior to any analysis of unexpected events.
Analysis of Unexpected Events
Part 2
In a separate Word document, provide an analysis of unexpected events using the Project Schedule Template below (the unexpected events are located in Tab 2 of the document). In your analysis, you should discuss four areas affected by these unexpected events. Three of the areas of the project affected by the events should include changes to budget, human capital, and impact to schedule. Identify one additional area affected by these events.
Project Schedule Template
Please submit your assignments in one zip file.