Assignment 29670

That is, help the student understand how the classroom experience enriches their ability to function in the real world. Accordingly, all students will be required to write a 10-page maximum term paper ( please no more 10 pages 8 or 9 its fine) applying some concepts of this course to either their current or a past work setting, or to any organization or industry that they would like to apply these concepts to. In doing this paper, however, please remain aware that I am NOT asking you to provide or include any confidential information about your organization or individuals within your organization. Feel free to use a ‘fake’ name AND/OR FAKE NUMBERS for the firm you wish to write about, etc. Identity aspects are NOT important to your paper.
1” margins on all four sides.1.5 line spacing.
Times-Roman font, 11 point font.

In the attachment, the chapter that I took it in class and I would like my paper talk about it.