Assignment 29673

just answer those questions. here is my topic and idea:I want to do a commercial or maybe a series on TikTok about me and cats.
China’s digital media industry is hot right now, especially with the rise of TikTok.
But I don’t know if it’s too complicated. We need to determine the theme, build the framework, pay attention to details – enhance the audience’s sense of empathy, arouse the audience’s emotions, content, lines, props, marketing. Personal IP Address Positioning
brand narrtive which treats I can brrow
talk about cattery why is exist why need. Ad,intoducing the cat. charater. the end. A B=C. presentaing diffeernt social media.
Treat the brand narrative I can eyebrow
Talk about why the cattery exists and why it’s needed. AD,intoducing cats. The characteristic. At last. A plus B is equal to C. Present different social media.
I want to make a commercial, a series of stories about me and the cat on various social media platforms, to tell stories for brand narrative and advertising. Every cat has a side story, but I was a little confused. I found that the teacher’s requirements were more academic research, while my ideas were completely practical.
1. A short video
2. Storytelling skills
3. Positioning/features
4. The theme, etc
5. Target market positioning (profit is divided into cattery profit and social media platform profit)
Academic research:
1. Media research
2. Psychology, Neuroscience, Philosophy – Why short videos
Sociology of 3.
4. Creativity – People-oriented IDEO concept