Assignment 29710

Select one tactic from each section below. The primary goal of your campaign is to introduce your new offering to the target audience. The secondary goal is to compel consumers to try your offering.
Magazine advertisement – I choose this-Direct Mail Postcard Full-page Flyer E-mail Campaign Tri-fold sales brochure
Press Release -I choose this-TV commercial (submit script)Radio advertisement(submit script)
Coupon -I choose this-Rebate Sweepstakes Free give-away Contest
For part two of the final project assignment, use a minimum of 2 scholarly sources and complete a 1-2 page paper that discusses the following:
Explain your rationale for choosing your three tactics for your IMC campaign (be sure to incorporate concepts from the course to support your rationale!). Your rationale should align with the marketing strategy you have already chosen.
If you were launching a real campaign, what other tactics you would use and why (they may or may not be in the above list)?
How will your promotion strategies address the diversity of your customer base?
What tactics would you avoid and why?
How would you use social media as part of your integrated marketing campaign?