Assignment 29746

For this discussion we are going to talk about quick and easy research that should be happening quite often in our lives. Ever read a social media post that just seemed a little too outlandish? Or was creating slightly too much emotional controversy? Many times, these stories are little more than hoaxes or urban legends. The Washington Post started reporting on hoaxes because… well, there are just too many people who think they are real! Often, these fake stories call people to take real action (such as boycotting businesses). For this discussion post, your task is to scroll through any social media site you currently use and find a meme, story, pic, etc., that you think could be a hoax. Conduct a quick internet search to find out if the information was accurate, partly accurate, most inaccurate, or completely fabricated.Post about your fake news story, your research, what you found, and what your plan to combat this message would be (another meme with the correct details…filled with sarcasm, of course! a quick tweet, etc)