Assignment 29763

Which do you believe you should list first in a resume: Educational Experience or Work Experience? Why? Under what circumstances would you likely choose each of the following formats: Chronological, Functional, or Targeted?

Jacob Dowd i believe that Work Experience should come first on a resume. An applicant’s work experience allows the employer a realistic background of working accomplishments the applicant has partaken. Anyone can sit through classes study and do well on tests but how you communicate and act in a working environment explains more to the employer.
A Chronological resume would be the preferred method if you were applying for a job you have been in experience with your entire career. Being that the resume is in chronological order it gives you a chance to show you have a lot of experience in this type of job or field. A functional resume would be beneficial to someone that has had jobs in many fields allowing them to headline each section of work participated in. If you have consistent work in one field a functional resume should be avoided. A target resume lists one specific job in one field with a one specific company. This is more than likely used in the sense of looking for one particular job and showing the proper experience for this job.

Dachelle Gonzalez Lee
when writing a resume I think educational experience should go first. I think that this is important to alot of employers to see before they even look at the work experience. They want to be sure that you meet the education requirements. I think you would do Chronological order when you have alot of work experience in many different fields. I think that Functional order would be good if you have alot of different skills, and targeted would be if you are applying for a position that you have alot of job experience for, you would use that resume form.