Assignment 29764

10″Modify class Account to provide a method called withdraw that withdraws money from an Account. Ensure that the withdrawal method does not exceed the Account’s balance. If it does, the balance should be left unchanged and the method should print a message indicating “Withdrawal amount exceeded account balance.” Modify class AccountTest to test method withdraw.”
8.7Modify class Time2 of Fig. 8.5 to include a tick method that increments the time stored in a Time2 object by one second. Provide method incrementMinute to increment the minute by one and method incrementHour to increment the hour by one. Write a program that tests the tick method, the incrementMinute method and the incrementHour method to ensure that they work correctly. Be sure to test the following cases: a) incrementing into the next minute, b) incrementing into the next hour and c) incrementing into the next day (i.e., 11:59:59 PM to 12:00:00 AM).