Assignment 29774

The agency for the paper : center of family services
Agency Analysis
Introduction to Social Work and Social Services Agency Analysis Paper
Please review the website and social media pages handled by your agency/org of choice to answer the questions below. You will also set up a call with an agency representative to gather any information not offered on their sites.
Each section should have a heading, be in paragraph form and include references to where the content was obtained. You should have two to three references depending on how many social media outlets the agency used.
I have provided how the headings should look like below so use as a template for your paper.
Please follow APA guidelines – meaning reference the website and social media when you are using information from those sources.
Look for your information on the website and social media posts and place a phone call to the agency.
This paper should be about 3 pages and include a 12 font, be double spaced, use Arial or Times New Roman, and have a reference page. You will upload to the canvas site where requested.
Example of how to reference a webpage no author (Links to an external site.)
How to cite social media like twitter and IG link (Links to an external site.)
Agency Information
Mission and goals
Explain the mission and purpose of the entity (i.e. work with individuals with disabilities to help them gain independence) – every agency and org should have its mission on its website
Goals – some agencies and orgs provide a list of goals but others may just list the mission – if they are not listed just pass on this question.
Agency background
What are the main social problems this agency intends to address? ( i.e. substance abuse, child abuse) What social problem do they hope to end? Who are the clients? Do they focus on one group –( i.e. children who have been abused) or do they serve a number of groups – children, family, groups, community on a number of different issues.
How does the agency decide who gets services? (is it based on diagnosis? Is it based on type of insurance? Is it based on problem / concern of client? Is it based on mission? Or several of these?)
What services does the agency provide? Individual counseling? Group counseling? Home visits? Therapy? Resource allocation in the form of food, clothes, etc?
How does the agency get money to provide services? (bill insurance? Sliding scales? Obtain state or federal grants? Most agencies list some of the ways they fund their programs, including creating fund raisers or the announcements of grants.
How is money used to provide the services? Is this transparent and obvious on the website or available to those who are responsible to distribute funds? This may or may not be clear based on the transparency of the agency or org. Some will provide clear funding sources and spending and others will not.
Agency structure
What does the website and social media posts suggest about the agency’s /orgs atmosphere? (i.e. is it very formal? Organized? Chaotic? Friendly? Up to date on social media posts?)
How do you think the clients feel getting services in this atmosphere? Based on the website and social media posts would clients feel clear on the services and feel welcomed to obtain them?
Do you think the agency or org did a good job maintaining engagement with their clientele and community at large using social media? Would you describe it as successful or disappointing and state why?
Are there multiple departments or units within your agency? Of so describe
What is the structure of the lines of authority? (ie president, vice president, treasurer, etc) – there may be a dept. tree available on the website or a list of personnel in one of the drop down tabs. Describe the employees (who works there? Gender? Race? Education?)
Agency Tools
Technology and services
What tools are used by the agency to reach out on social media? How was social media used to engage clients and the community? Did they use positivity quotes? Did they promote their services? Did they use any creative ways to engage?
How are services provided? Did they adjust their services due to COVID? Are they using tele health? Did they sponsor / offer events in person or via zoom?
Are there supports provided to clients so that they may use the services? ( is there babysitting for parents when they are getting help? Is there transportation? Food (not as main service but in addition to?)
Describe the employees (who works there? Gender? Education?) Do the staff resemble and represent the clientele?
Based on above who appears to get hired at this agency?
Conclusion and Reflection
Summarize what you have learned
Share your thoughts on doing this assignment (was it helpful? Did you learn from it?
rubric for agency analysis2021.doc Download rubric for agency analysis2021.doc