Assignment 29780

(Not one of our clichés; also, I advise not picking a cliché that is not on our list; good academics think of worthy topics.)  But the thesis MUST be argumentative, so choose wisely.  (In other words, do not pick a topic in which you cannot develop an argumentative thesis.)2 The paper will be 10 pages long.3 The paper will be cited according to the guidelines of MLA.4 There will be EIGHT (8) sources:               You must have two (2) eBooks from the school databases;              You must have two (2) articles from periodicals from the school databases;              You must have one (1) website;              You must have three (3) sources of your choosing: But ONLY one (1) more website (the paper cannot                  have more than two (2) websites.  There are lots of other sources to choose from.  See Owl Purdue.)5 The thesis will be argumentative and it will be underlined.6 Writing is a process: We will begin the process by choosing a topic.  Then we will develop a Working Bibliography.  Then we will develop an outline.  Then we will share a first draft.  Then we will hand in the final paper:7 The Research Paper is due: Dec. 14, 2021.