Assignment 29783

At the end of Week 8, you will need to turn in the following:
Your completed 6-10 page novel care plan prospectus, including: a review of the disease with a robust bibliography; the current standard of care; a cost-benefit analysis of various care options; and a novel care plan that implements modern prevention, treatment, medication, and/or technology. (add more details into rough draft)!!
A 1-2 page informational brochure for healthcare employees that reviews the disease and your novel care plan including a checklist for that plan. The design and format of the brochure is up to you, but you must be able to append your completed brochure to your prospectus for uploading. (create an informational brochure)!!
Please submit all required items within a single document to be uploaded on the Week 8 Assignment page. It may be best to convert your completed file to PDF!!! before turning it in, as this will make sure that any formatting or images are maintained.
** below I attached my rough draft, I will you need you to fill in any information that is needed, make sure to create an informational brochure also, and convert the file into PDF format thank you!** Please follow all directions and include more images if needed.