Assignment 29790

Your project should demonstrate a
significant application of technical elements and also demonstrate originality
and creativity. No minimum length is required, but your project will be judged
based on the instructor’s assessment of the amount of creative energy required
in its production. A famous quote is that: creativity is 1/3 inspiration and
2/3 perspiration. Students may work individually or in partners on this
project. Choices for projects are:
Development of a Flash movie.
The project should deliver a coherent message or story.
The best projects tend to result from a choice that relates to interests of the
students working on the project.
Flash Project

Seasons or changing of seasons ,Anything that moves, e.g. car chases, air plane ,Information pages about your major , or Natures scenes, e.g. a day at the beach.
flash Movies: your movie will need
to be longer, fancier, glitzier, with more scenes (4 scenes minimum) and
more animation and sounds than a routine weekly lab. Pay attention to the
overall content, flow, look and feel and aesthetics of the scenes; and make
good use of graphics, sounds, and fonts as needed and as appropriate.