Assignment 29802

Page 1: Content learned from the professors lectures (Topics covered in class lecture are under Informational Content of Course box in the instruction file). Don’t explain what each topic is about talk about what you learned?
Page 2: Serial Entrepreneur reports. We wrote 4 reports starting 3 business ideas: report 1 was about coming up with 3 business ideas, report 2 was about the appropriate legal form for each of the 3 new businesses, report 3 was about price, market and distribution, report 4 was about feasibility of the 3 new businesses. I will upload reports so you can take a look for reference.
Page 3: We also interviewed a business owner. I will upload interview so you can take a look
Page 4: GoVenture Entrepreneur-It’s a game computer. You pick your business, then you run the business for 90 days in the game which equals 5hrs in reality.
Page 5: Instructions will be explained in the instructions
The instructions will explain what to do for each section. I just did a quick breakdown. Please try your best as I know you weren’t there physically to experience the class. I will upload the instructions of the assignment, my 4 reports for reference, my interview for reference as well. The GoVenture was a game so we didn’t have to turn in a written report. Please try your best.