Assignment 29808

This is a two-part assignment.  A rough draft will be in M10 – Due! and the final version will be submitted to M12 – Due!

First you will develop a single-page resume for yourself and submit in M10 – Due! by the date shown in the course outline.  This first copy will be your rough draft.  I will review the rough draft and, as needed, make suggestions.  

After you have made any necessary revisions, submit your final single-page version in M12 – Due!, by the date listed in the course outline and also on the Canvas calendar.

You have read about resumes in your text and postings provided by the instructor. Continue with more research of your own.  For interior design we want to be creative, yet need to be professional.  How will you accomplish this combination successfully?  I’m looking forward to seeing your final resumes.

Keep in mind that most Human Relations people do not like and sometimes will not read resumes that are more than one single page in content.  This is where some of you will need editing skills.  How can you best showcase what you have accomplished and your skills without being overwhelming?

Remember it’s always a good idea to maintain a current resume.  You never know when you’ll need one!

my information: 


     High school diploma (2020) Sacramento CA Foothill high school

Amazon war house (2021) CA, Sacramento

Work in packing collecting people’s order’s 


Fitness (2020- present)

Piano class certificate (2017)

Volunteer Experience:


provide care for children and ride them school.

Senior care

Provide care and help them get them medicine on time. 

Computer skills:

Work on Excel Program.