Assignment 29817

I went to elementary school 10 hours in 2 weeks. These 10 hours were divided into 5 hours for the second grade and other 5 hours for the third grade. The civic engagement program was operated by junior achievement program.
Junior Achievement’s Purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. so that what we did my partner and I. We were teaching young people how to succeed in a global economy. We explained to them different business concepts. Also, we explained to student the important of money. And Taxation.
Also, we explained the meaning of the community, city, and the different 5 zones in the city.
Check this web to get more info about Junior achievement objectives……For ex . JA Economics for Success gives students the information needed to build strong personal finances, a cornerstone to a happy, secure life. Students learn the importance of exploring career options based on their skills, interests, and values. They also learn about spending money within a budget; saving and investing wisely; and using credit cautiously. (Grades 6-8)
Implementation: Classroom-Based
The professor need is :::
Each student, after completing their civic engagement project, is required three (3) pages paper detailing their experience. Each paper should include a descriptive summary of the work completed, an explanation as how the project benefitted the community, an explanation as to how the project benefitted the student, and an explanation as to how the completed work relates to the subject matter presented by this course.
The learning objectives in this class for this course
● Gaining factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends, etc.).
● Learning fundamental principles, theories, and generalizations.
● Developing skills relating to expressing ideas and concepts both orally and in writing.

Also, I want you to aim in one paragraph to the benefit of doing this civic engagement. What did I gain of this ?
You can say confidence how to stop front of student and give a lecture was great experience that help you to be more confidnt in future when you give speech in your college .

so, pleas read about junior achievement program. The mission i did with my prtener was to to explain to young people the important of the money and business and finance, economic system . What the benift we gain of that and how was it. explore my perspective. refer to that it was my first time i teach in school in in U.S.A in particular. talk about how student were involved with the information and the program. talk about the experince how it was wonderful to be giving information to young people and how they were excited to know bout the things i was talking about
the Number of students in Each class was 20 students.
The name of school is : Daniel Wertz Elementary Schoo

good luck