Assignment 29821

IN3006: Creating Your Personal Nursing Legacy
Assessment Template

When one thinks about a legacy, he or she could interpret that in a variety of ways. It is often thought of as monetary sum that is written into a will or as an heirloom passed down through generations. A legacy can also be thought of as a set of actions and activities that makes a company, a profession, or even a country a better or more productive place. Pamela Hind et al., define a nursing legacy as “a plan to contribute knowledge, practice changes, or other aspects of healthcare to benefit those who receive nursing care (2014).” A nursing legacy, in essence, is what a nurse intends to improve within the healthcare field.
In this assessment, you will answer a series of question in an effort to identify and work toward a legacy of your own. You will consider those topics and issues that you feel most passionate about as well as those social actions you are willing to work toward. Social action, which includes the steps you take toward improving something that you feel is wrong in our society and introducing new ideas and processes, is a large part of drafting a declared legacy.

Determining Your Declared Legacy
Describe at least two professional nursing organizations you are affiliated with or hope to be affiliated with in the future. Include professional organizations that pertain to nursing or health, nursing and honors fraternities, and any other organized group that works toward the betterment of nursing as a whole.
Assess two areas of your nursing practice that you would like to improve upon. For example, you might like to increase your confidence when making decisions about patient care, or you may want to improve upon your patient education–related skills.
Analyze what social action or improvement of human and/or social conditions you would like to be best known for by others. Consider the topics or issues that motivate you, and think about those areas within your specialty that might need improvement. For example, perhaps you are very passionate about lowering readmissions by making sound recommendations and helping patients follow through on their continuing care.
Based on your answers to these questions, develop a “declared legacy” statement. Consider how you can use those things that you would like to improve upon along with your passions in nursing to improve healthcare overall. For example, you could declare that your legacy will be to “increase knowledge and confidence among fellow nurses to make efficient and effective decisions in patient care as well as to recommend reasonable and meaningful follow-up care.”

Moving Toward Your Declared Legacy
Evaluate what you have done or are doing that will make a direct or indirect contribution to your legacy. Include all experiences, engagements in different projects and professional memberships. Your résumé is a good starting point for this activity.
Develop three short-term goals (in the next 2 years) that will lead you toward your declared legacy. (e.g., completing your BSN, joining a professional organization or association, volunteering in your community, etc.) Refer to the SMART goals template for assistance in writing specific and meaningful goals. (
Develop three long-term goals (in the next 5 years) that will lead you toward your declared legacy. (e.g., completing your MSN, leading on a board of a professional organization or association, etc.) Refer to the SMART goals template for assistance in writing specific and meaningful goals. (
Analyze at least two current career activities that challenge your ability to achieve your declared legacy. Analyze ways that one or more competing activities could be ended, handed off to another person, or done differently to reduce the time required for a competing activity, and explain your plan to follow through on this.

Mapping Out Your Legacy

Design a concept map of your declared legacy and the steps you are taking and plan to take to achieve it. Your concept map should be based on the model shown in the Pamela Hinds article found in your resources.
a.Include your answers to the previous questions in your concept map along with any other steps in achieving your declared legacy.
b.The minimum requirements for this project are as follows: one declared legacy, three contributions toward your legacy, three short-term goals, three long-term goals, and two activities to discontinue or reduce.
c.Your concept map can be made using any program that you have available or using this template. Feel free to add or delete boxes and lines, change the formatting, color, or shapes. You may also create a free-hand map, but ensure that it is presented professionally and clearly. The following resource is just one of the many online tools that you may choose to use:
i.Mindmup. (n.d.).
d.Your legacy map should reflect your own personal style and can include any applicable photos or graphics.

Concept Map Template