Assignment 29835

Read the introduction on p.2- How did the author’s decide which study techniques work/don’t work in this article?- Do you trust their process for deciding?2. For the 2 “Gold Star Winners” on p. 3- Do you already use these techniques?- If you do, describe how.- If you don’t, how will you incorporate this into your daily routine?3. Consider the 3 “Runners Up” on pp. 4-5- Do you already use any of these techniques?- If so, describe how.- If you don’t, describe how you will incorporate at least one into your study routine.4. Refer to “What doesn’t work” on p.6I know we are ALL guilty of trying these ineffective strategies at some point!Do you feel that they helped you earn the grade you wanted? Were you able to remember the information one week later?What can you do instead that will be more effective?What is your plan for the next exam?