Assignment 29873

Course Competency
Design multidimensional strategies of care considering the health determinants of vulnerable populations.
Transferable Skill
Communication: Displaying capability in writing, reading, and oral communication; understanding of non‐verbal language.
You are a new public health nurse working for the Department of Public Health, and you have been asked to create a report on one of the following vulnerable populations in your community: homeless population, ethnic or minority group, elderly, or pregnant woman and children in low socioeconomic areas. The report will provide your department with current information about your community as well as offer interventions for the selected vulnerable population within your community.
Create a report on the vulnerable population you selected in “Module 07 Discussion – Vulnerable Population” that:
Part One – Vulnerable Population (completed in Module 07 Discussion – Vulnerable Population)
Selects one vulnerable population from below:
Homeless population
Ethnic or minority group
Pregnant woman and children in low socioeconomic areas
Describes the health determinants affecting the selected vulnerable population, including:
Social and economic environment
Physical environment
Individual characteristics
Part Two – Public Health Nurse