Assignment 29880

disc 1: Appcelerator Titanium was released in December 2008, and has been steadily growing in functionality since its release. Starting with its Titanium Developer product, Appcelerator provides a single-point interface to run applications. Titanium Studio is a full-featured IDE which provides a single place to handle all steps of the development environment including a debugging solution. Titanium is not a magic bullet; however, it does include a solid framework for developing a single codebase to deploy to multiple platforms. In addition, it allows developers to use a language they are more familiar with to create apps in a domain outside of their knowledge.
What are some advantages to using Appcelerator Titanium?
Though Appcelerator is reasonably priced, why do some mobile app developers feel that the bugs don’t make it worth the effort?.
How is Appcelerator different from other mobile application developers?
Disc 2: Discuss insertion, deletion, and modification anomalies. Why are they considered bad? Illustrate with examples.
Disc 3: What is meant by the closure of a set of functional dependencies? Illustrate with and example.
NOTE: i need minimum of 250 words for each discussions, excluding the reference, total 750 words, in text citations, in APA format