Assignment 29901

You may write your report in English on the history and development of the Italian language. The report should include Italian’s relation to Latin and the other Romance languages, its connections with and influences on the English language, its historical and social development, and the impact of language on the cultural identity of all societies, with particular reference to the Italian culture and the students’ own culture. Students should also reflect on the presence and relevance of Italian language in American culture, and of English language in Italian culture. Reports shall be typed, 2-3 pages long, font Times New Roman, size 12, 1-inch margins, double spaced. Reports will be evaluated following the rubrics for cultural awareness that you can find in the syllabus. You are not expected to gather and use academic resources extensively for the written report. Rather, you may reflect on the linguistic and cultural information learned in class. However, if additional sources are used to investigate the history of Italian language, its relation to Latin, and its connection with English, you may use reliable sources, such as academic books, articles published in peer-reviewed journals, and electronic pages from educational and professionally legitimate websites (.edu). Students may use a citation style of their choice, provided that they use it accurately and consistently. If sources are used, students are also expected to add a list of works cited to the final page of the report.”