Assignment 29930

Come up with a fake interview and fill this form out. I’M PUTTING ONE HOUR BUT YOU CAN HAVE ONE AND A HALF HOURS.
1. Identify a topic of interest or specific question you want to explore with an interviewee. Place your topic in the line below:a. TYPE YOUR TOPIC HERE!2. Identify a person to interview and provide the following information:a. Name of the person interviewedi. TYPE THE NAME HERE!b. Date scheduled for interviewi. TYPE DATE HERE! c. A brief explanation of why the interviewee seems like a pertinent source (i.e., what qualifications, knowledge, or experience does he or she have regarding your topic).i. TYPE YOUR EXPLANATION HERE!d. A list of at least a dozen questions for the interview.i. LIST ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS HERE! 3. Compose a 600-900 word reflection on the interviewee’s responses and any observations you made.a. TYPE YOUR REFLECTION HERE!