Assignment 29934

You will provide an in-depth explanation of the theory, a short literature review, and application of the theory. Title page and reference page not needed. Your 5 page paper must include the following plus abstract: 1.    Offer sufficient background of the theory, define the theory, and explain the theory in depth.  Who is/are the person/people who created/initiated work on the theory?2.    Discuss the theory’s origin and impetus.3.    Discuss how communication scholars have used the Health Belief Model in research studies (how did they use it, what did it find, what did it help them understand or uncover?). Must include a section of how your theory has been applied in research—very important! You should cite your sources within your paper.4.    Discuss the major and most interesting findings5.    Discuss the major criticisms of your theory.  Now that you’ve read about this theory, what is your informed opinion about the criticisms? Do you support the criticisms or refute them and why?6.    Discuss how scholars initially used this theory but try to find research that is fairly new too (5-8 years) (and compare it to how it was used before). If you cannot find new research on your theory, consider why that is and discuss in your paper. 7.    Explain how your theory represents an important area of communication.8.    Discuss how your theory expands our understanding of the communication discipline (cite your sources within your paper). 9.    Provide a proper conclusion for your paper. Your paper will be 5-7 pages plus abstract and references will be below. Your paper must follow APA standards: 12-point font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, and be double-spaced.  This paper requires at least three but no more than six scholarly references from those below. You must properly cite and incorporate your sources within your paper. The 3-6 scholarly articles must be selected from journals attached and referenced ONLY.