Assignment 29948

During June, July, August, November and December, each of the kennels is booked. During these months, Callie’s always charges its regular price of $15 per day per kennel. When business is slow, Callie’s sometimes charges a discounted rate of $13 per day per kennel for the first 25 kennels booked and $15 for the rest. On September 15th, Callie’s filled 25 kennels at $13 per day and 10 kennels at $15 per day. Calculate Callie’s yield for September 15th.*
List AND discuss the challenges and risks in using yield management?
* You MUST show your work (i.e., your calculations). Simply stating the answer will only get 1/2 credit if correct and no credit if incorrect. (if I can see your calculations and your logic is correct, but math is wrong you can earn partial credit).